Investment management

Making preparatory technical materials
Economic strategy, business plan, preparing budget
Having magisterial licenses
Configuring operational structure
Insure legal background, create human terms
Assess logistical demand, devise optimal solution
Organise implementation
Operate investment
Organize security and defense services, consultancy


Security and operational audit
Data processing, equipment/software and work processes and their costs will be fully audited.
All-round operation
From handling company software/data and infrastructure – through company representation – to managing business processes with service providers
Developing unique applications
Managing company processes developed for web and mobile applications
Document handling (based on workflow)
All-round document handling, web-based management of contracts, invoices, certificates based on workflow
IT system consolidation and control
Implementing comprehensive surveys, changes and proposals, creating an on-going operational and cost control
Security controls
Besides data processing controls, managing events, setting up protocols and operational controls
Cloud and hybrid systems
Set-up and full management of cloud infrastructures, connecting traditional systems, creating platforms for outside users or for users with several offices
IT crisis management
Immediate management of planned or unplanned inside and outside effects, segmenting processes
Hungarian representation of foreign companies, protect their business interests


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